Manganese Mesh Belt System

Wheel Blast Systems – Flow Through Abrasive Blast Machines

Manganese Mesh Belt: Weldments, Foundry, Die Castings, Stampings

IBT Wire Mesh Belt Machines offer the ability to process clean a large variety of  small to medium size parts and components through the same machine. The pass through conveyor is a manganese woven wire mesh belt assembly. Blast wheels are mounted above and below the mesh belt to clean all surfaces. The lower wheels blast up through the belt assembly cleaning the underside of the parts and components being processed.

The IBT Mesh Belt Machines are high volume, high production cleaning systems for limitless parts and components applications. Highly efficient where part on part contact is not acceptable.

The IBT Mesh Belt machine is a pitless design system equipped with 2 to 8 Blast Wheels as required for the various applications and designed in various mesh widths and process speeds to suit process requirements.

    Pitless Design
    Variable Speed Conveyor
    Mesh belt openings designed for specific applications
    All IBT Machines include PLC controls and an HMI panel for ease of operation
    All IBT Machines include a Two (2) year warranty

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